Telugu Info

What is Telugu?

It's a language spoken by close to 80 million people in parts of southern India (source).

Is Telugu Dying?

Yes and no.

Statistically, the language is doing fine. There are millions of people who speak the language, and it's still being taught to millions of Indian children.

However, there is cause for concern. Inceasingly, Telugu is becoming replaced with other languages like English: Telugu speakers mix in English words into their language, to the point where it's impossible to speak the language without using at least a few English words [1]. Culturally, most Telugu speakers aren't prideful of their language: there isn't a huge effort being made to keep the language around. Of course, there are Telugu-language schools, and plenty of people are still learning the language: but I'd bet that in 50-100 years, the language will be in trouble.

Why should I learn Telugu?

Two reasons.
1) For the same reasons you would learn any other language.
2) There are tons of Telugu movies, books, TV shows, and poems -- and lots of this content is untranslated. By learning the language, you will gain access to all of this: and more, too!

How can I learn the language?

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of good resources for learning the language. But there are a few good ones: check out my list of Telugu resources.


[1] It is technically possible to speak Telugu without "borrowing" words from English. But if you did that, it would sound weird and unnatural. The "normal" way to speak Telugu requires that you use English loanwords.

Last updated on July 21, 2021